ziyue Jump Rope Premium Speed Rope for Boxing and Fitness

  • IT'S A TOP RATED SPEED ROPE - Effective in building endurance, stamina and reflexes. Jump rope outlines a number of highly effective workout techniques that will supercharge your training. Made with Premium Quality 3M PVC, the rope is built to withstand HEAVY DUTY use. Long enough for you customize the rope according to your height. Practically indestructible and the quality of construction is undeniable.
  • DO DOUBLE UNDERS EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE - No more singles for you! This long, but adjustable length wire speed rope makes doubles super easy.
  • REDUCED HAND FATIGUE - High speed ball bearings, and stable grips ensures less hand fatigue and increased comfort, to give you the edge over your competitors.
  • INSTANTLY CUT MINUTES OFF YOUR WOD TIMES - High speed jump rope is super fast and ultra stable, so that you can recover quickly from inaccurate swings.
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